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The Bruges in a box experience

Who are we? We are two friends having met each other over twenty years ago in one of the many local bars of Bruges. One left the city to become an entertainer in sunny resorts. The other left Bruges to go to unversity and to eventually start his career in Brussels.

Our life paths had thus led us away from home to Spain, Cabo Verde, the Netherlands and even the United States. But everytime when we came back to visit friends and family, we rediscovered the beauty of Bruges.

Ultimately, life led us back to our city and we were fortunate enough to experience the best Bruges has to offer every single day. Its amazing views, surrounding landscapes, bars, restaurants, local beers, chocolate and cookies (yes cookies too).

So we decided to bring Bruges back to the people. How? What if we could fit Bruges into a box and ship it around the globe. But…

How do you put Bruges into a Box? When you visit a city, you want to wander into the streets. Therefore, we give you your personal guided tour. You want to taste it. So, we have selected three typical local beers for you to enjoy in addition to the best artisan chocolate and cookies our city has to offer. And if that’s not enough, we have also included a recipe book containing the recipes of our most typical local dishes for you to recreate in your own kitchen.

We leave it up to you to discover the “Game of Swans“.

We admit that selecting Bruges’ best for you was a lot of fun. But it’s the creative process and the cooperation with local artists that has made this a unique and joyful experience.

Rest assured; we have tried to put all of Bruges into a single Box but failed miserably. Therefore, we hope to welcome you soon in our beautiful city!

What's in the box

Three typical
local beers

We have selected three typical local beers for you to enjoy. These beers are made using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and are crafted with care by skilled brewmasters.

Overall, drinking local beer is not only a delicious experience but also a way to support and contribute to your local community.

beer in a box
Cholate in a box

The best artisan

Artisan chocolate is a luxury product that is made using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients. It is a type of chocolate that is produced in small batches by skilled chocolatiers who take great care to create unique and delicious flavors.

And ours is the best, our belgian chocolate is known for its unique flavor. It is a treat for all

Cookies our city
has to offer

Artisan cookies are a delicious and unique treat that are made using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients. They are a type of cookie that is produced in small batches by skilled bakers who take great care to create unique and delicious flavors.

One of the key differences between artisan cookies and mass-produced cookies is the use of ingredients. Artisan bakers often use locally sourced, natural ingredients such as butter, eggs, and flour. These ingredients are often organic and non-GMO, and are carefully selected for their quality. Many artisan bakers also use unique ingredients such as artisanal cheeses, fresh herbs, and unique spices to create delicious and unique flavor profiles.

Cookies in a box

Your personal guide in a box?

We have made it happen. His name is Pascal. Whether you are interested in a virtual walk through the city, learn about its history and architecture or just like to follow Pascal around… this tour has it all.

Bruges in a box - €49.95 incl. VAT